Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let's Take a Walk (Through)

I promised more pictures, so I'm whipping up a quick post walking you through what will be our new Home. Come, get acquainted with our space! We're going to be spending a lot of time walking through it together, making it look better. I would've liked to get pics before we moved stuff in, but c'est la vie, or in the immortal words of brainiac Bill O'Reilly, "F*$@ it, we'll do it live."

Before we even start, I have yet another story to tell that doesn't, unfortunately, include a picture, partially from being so floored and partially because it happened so quickly. We're selling some of the furniture pictured in the photos below, and had a time set up with a local neighbor to come make a purchase. Craigslist is a savior in many ways. Anyway, I stood outside on the porch...and suddenly I see a very quick motion out of the corner of my eye. In the flower bed. We have pretty purple flowers out there planted by our homeowner, and flying around was a....hummingbird? No, that thing is too small and funny-shaped to be a hummingbird. What?! It has antennae! It's a hummingbird moth!  Very neat! When the guy eventually showed up, Bear and I were standing rapt staring at the flowers and the moth, and soon the guy was also staring rapt at the moth as it buzzed our heads and took lengthy sips of nectar. It really looked like a very rotund and very small hummingbird, even down to the colors! Nature is pretty awesome!

Anyway. Onto our tour.

First, welcome to our living room. We have many plans. Curtains, painting, decor. Living room, I'm gonna fashionable you up.

Excuse our mess. This is what you see (mostly) when you walk in. Hardwood floors and a gas stove. Airy, roomy, and bright. We'll be painting the walls and the stove in the next week or so.

What sold me on the place. I know, I'm shallow. Look at that staircase. Beautiful old wood. Just imagine it adrift in pine boughs, Christmas lights, and stockings for the holiday.

Original ceiling! I love the paneling!

Please, follow me to the second floor for a moment. I think you'll enjoy it.
Bear surveying the craft room. Rabbit sneaking in a pic of him from the bottom of the stairs.

Here, on your left at the top of the stairs, we have the bedroom.
The bedroom is larger than it appears in the picture. There's more room to the right and bottom of this picture. Fits a queen size bed, a dresser, and a faux vanity (aka: Bear's desk) easily.

 Let's go the craft room. You turn right out of the bedroom, or go straight at the top of the stairs.
Now you can see how low the ceilings are in just this one room. It is an addition, and as such has slope-y floors and very little head-room (for me). That's a queen size bed to give you perspective. Oh, and you'll see more of that table. It's a 1920's-era Craigslist find for $50. I love it dearly.

Straight back from the craft room, there is the bathroom. It's much bigger than the one we have currently, which makes me happy.

First off, I do appreciate the lamps in the bathroom...they are very attractive up-close.

However, there's the most interesting shower in the world. I don't always take a shower, but when I do...I like it to be as awkward as possible.  Seating for two?

The devil is in the details. This is a cool detail on the second floor of our new Home.

Instantly thought of Alice in Wonderland with this doorknob/lock.

Very cool, original locks (alas, no awesome iron keys). I just love the look of them! C'est chic, farmhouse style!

Shall we proceed back downstairs to the kitchen? Go down the steps, into the living room, and straight back to the second star on the left.

Much roomier than our current Warren. I like all the cabinets, but wish there was slightly more room out of picture on the right because the washer will also be going in here (next to the stove).

How about this? Original kitchen pantry from 1890's. Floor to ceiling. That bass, though...I have plans for it. Stay tuned.
Oo, you ugly pantry bottoms. We will fix you up soon.

Color advice? We're not keen on red walls for the kitchen, but perhaps gold?

 To the left of the bass in the kitchen, we have a door to...a back porch...thingy. Good for storage and the dryer. We also have...

...a problem. One we might not get to with our current income. For now, duct tape and thick plastic sheeting will have to fix the hole to the outside that is at the bottom.

It is basically covered storage and a dryer area. I'm cool with that. No more paint or varnish in the closet. And thank god the grill won't be sitting in the living room during the winter anymore!

Some of the best things, however, aren't always in the House. Sometimes, the really great part of having a Home is what is around it. We'd like to think we're pretty lucky.
We get a stunning commute to work.

See you in a few days!

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